Art Jewelry September 2008

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September 2008
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Chart Your Own Mixed-Media Odyssey 
Learn a range of techniques you can use to personalize a Faux Bone bangle. Check out our video interview with Robert Dancik.
By Robert Dancik

Foldforming 101 
The inventor of foldforming walks you through a simple Romero-leaf fold. By Charles Lewton-Brain 

A Conversation with Jaclyn Davidson 
A well-known and well-established jewelry artist embraces the challenges and excitement that come with a complete change in artistic direction. 

Personalize Metal Clay and Resin 
Make your own texture molds and use your own photo to build a memento pendant. By Elaine D. Luther 

Stamps Take On Double Duty 
Embellish and work-harden fine-silver bangles with each hammer blow. By Kim Otterbein 

Try Your Hand at Engraving 
Learn how to use a graver to add detail to a pierced pendant. To set the cabochon in this pendant, see our videos on making a bezel. By Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson 

Upgrade to a Custom Bail 
Fabricate a bail that's also a two-prong tension setting for a gemstone. By Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson 

All About Gravers 
A guide to buying, sizing, and shaping your own customized tool. By Addie Kidd 

Your First Wire-wrap Project 
Learn how to connect components as you embellish them, then add a pearl. By Cristina Amador P. 

Tapered Byzantine Earrings 
Make 76 jump rings flow like liquid. By John Fetvedt 
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