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March 2011
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Discovering an Unsung Master
By Hazel L. Wheaton
The author of four books and teacher of hundreds of metalsmiths, Emil Kronquist remains a mystery. Luckily, a collection of his work and teaching materials remains.
pg. 28 

The Many Faces of the Modern Apprenticeship
By Kristin Sutter
The craft of jewelry making is still being handed down from master jewelers to eager students in a variety of ways.
pg. 32 

The Ultimate Field Trip
By Addie Kidd
Two teachers in Canada are pioneering a new curriculum for their jewelry students -- an international crash course in shopping.
pg. 38 

Creative Clasps: Twist Dome Clasp
By Marthe Roberts Shea
To blend in with its fellow beads, this clasp closes by means of a hidden tongue-and-slot mechanism. 
pg. 48 

Polymer Clay Inlay
By Jill L. Erickson
Carve, cure, fill, and cure again to make graphic polymer designs.
pg. 50 

Wire Wrap the Perfect Frame for Your Stone
By Erin Paton
Shape a delicate framework pendant around a gemstone briolette. 
pg. 54 

Give it a Whirl -- Make a Fidget Ring!
By Jewelyn Vanoni
Fire once to get this metal clay ring moving. 
pg. 60 

Stamp, Dap, and Solder a Simple Focal Link
By Cassie Donlen
Break in your dapping set and fire up your butane torch. 
pg. 65
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