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January 2012
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Build a Gear Necklace: Saw, Texture, Dome, Tab, Repeat
By Melody Armstrong
Use assembly line techniques to perfect a handmade contemporary turn on an industrial motif. 
pg. 34

Design and Construct a 3-Part Belt Buckle
By E.C. Dahlberg
Use basic skills and heavy-duty sterling silver to make functional jewelry. 
pg. 48

Make the Casting Call
By Sharon Elaine Thompson
What you should know when working with a professional casting house. 
pg. 60

How to Carve a Wax Model
By Pixie Eslinger
Whether you're casting your own pieces or working with a casting house, here's your start-to-finish guide to precision wax carving.
pg. 54

Icing on the Cake: Make a Basketweave Metal Clay Ring
By Angela S. Foreman
Modify the tip of your metal clay syringe to recreate a fundamental cake-decorating design.
pg. 65
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