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May 2013
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Adapt an Image Transfer Technique to Copper and Faux Bone
By Judy Freyer Thompson
Use complementary materials and imagery to form a riveted cuff with secret details.
pg. 36

Design Challenge: Playing with Acrylic
What will seven different jewelry makers produce when presented with the same material?
pg. 42

Stone Setting: Tube Setting
By Marthe Roberts Shea
Even a small stone can be the focus of attention when it is tube set.
pg. 44

Flora and Fauna Pendant and Earrings
By Catherine Davies Paetz
Grow your metal clay repertoire with an array of basic techniques that put sterling silver metal clay through its paces.
pg. 52

Explore Interior/Exterior Effects in Polymer
By Maureen Thomas
Apply old-fashioned elbow grease to expose the mica-shift at the heart of a textured pendant.
pg. 58

From Plumbing to Precious
By Victoria Woollen-Danner
Transform a common plumbing supply into a delicate layered pendant.
pg. 64
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