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July 2013
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Modify a Hammer to Create Your Own Texture
By Joe Silvera
Don’t be afraid to cut into your hammer face — the results will be a personalized texture that sets your work apart.
pg. 36

5 Jewelry Makers Talk Tools
By Hazel L. Wheaton
Five leading jewelry makers share their favorite tools — from expensive to economical to just plain weird.
pg. 41

Stone Setting: Flush Setting
By Marthe Roberts Shea
Because it lacks prongs or bezels, flush setting can add a sleek look to your jewelry designs.
pg. 54

Make Your Own Flush-setting Tools
By Marthe Roberts Shea
Add control to your flush-setting with miniature, custom-make burnishers.
pg. 57

Transform a Chopstick and a Nail into a Mini Forging Hammer
By Ken Bova
Use small-scale hot forging to make a tiny hammer that has huge impact.
pg. 60

Get a Grip!
By Pixie Eslinger
Make your own custom grips to get the best use out of your tools. 
pg. 66

How to Construct a Hollowform Metal Clay Ring
By Kim Otterbein
Design, texture, and assemble five building blocks to make a closed form.
pg. 68

Wear Your Words on Your Wrist
By Barbara Lockwood
Incorporate script into your jewelry using basic font manipulation, piercing, and forming.
pg. 74
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