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November 2013
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Drilling Techniques: River Rocks
By Jill L. Erickson
Use a drill press and a custom reservoir to drill holes in found stones for easy stringing with leather cord. 
pg. 28 

Drilling Techniques: Beach Glass
By David Farris
Get a feel for your material by using a flex shaft for precise, intuitive drilling. 
pg. 32 

Pre-set Your Cabochons for Dynamic Cold Connections
By David Farris
Use an array of flex shaft tips and tricks and simple soldering to create bezel-set components to embellish any material. 
pg. 34 

Stone Setting: Basket Setting
By Marthe Roberts Shea
Use minimal metal to showcase your faceted gemstones.
pg. 39 

2013 Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition
By Hazel L. Wheaton
The winners of the second annual competition show how far foldforming has come.
pg. 42

Construct a Collage Pendant from Recycled Tin
By Christine Terrell
Cut, stack, and rivet elements from colorful tin containers to create a reversible pendant with a wooden core.
pg. 44

Woven Paper and Wooden Block Necklace
By Karen J Lauseng
Take a blast from past into new territory with a necklace made of woven paper and gilded building blocks.
pg. 54 

Which Glue When?
By Annie Pennington
Different projects call for different adhesives — you can’t just pick one and stick with it. But how do you know which glue to use? 
pg. 60 

How to Make Your Enamels Glow in the Dark!
By Charity Hall
Fuse a layer of mystery powder to your enamels to make your pieces come alive after the lights go out.
pg. 62
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