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Art Jewelry January 2014

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January 2014
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Discover Korean Damascene
By Leia Zumbro
Create a Velcro-like barbed surface on steel to capture precious metal accents.
pg. 32 

Make Your Own Custom Chisel
By Leia Zumbro
It’s easy to saw, file, and temper a specialty tool for a traditional metal inlay technique. 
pg. 36 

Charms: Bell Charm
By Marthe Roberts Shea
With a few basic forming, soldering, and finishing techniques, you’ll be able to make jewelry “with bells on.” 
pg. 38 

Learn a New Way to Replicate Granulation in Metal Clay
By Marian Ward
Avoid the fussiness of traditional granulation and the messiness of paste by using metal clay’s properties to your advantage. 
pg. 48 

Get Hooked on a One-Tool Wire Technique
By Laurie Lucia
Use a crochet hook to create lightweight earrings with fine-gauge wire. 
pg. 52 

Experiment with a Traditional Japanese Patina
By Kazuhiko Ichikawa
Trade in your default patina for one you make yourself using easy-to-acquire household materials.
pg. 56 

Fuse and Solder a Layered Landscape Ring
By Joe Silvera
Explore the benefits of Argentium sterling silver by making hot connections with less flux, less solder, and less cleanup. 
pg. 59
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