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March 2014
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Spotlight on Education: Host a Visiting Artist Workshop in Your Studio
By Julie Sanford
Turn your studio into an education destination!
pg. 38 

Build a Panel Bracelet with Precious and Industrial Metals
By Melody Armstrong
Pierce, solder, anodize, then rivet: Learn how working with titanium changes your fabrication sequence. 
pg. 42 

Personalize Your Bezels
By Taylor Saleem
Use decorative piercing to add distinction and whimsy to your stone-setting projects. 
pg. 49 

Charms: Wire Frame Charm
By Marthe Roberts Shea
Increase size without adding weight by using open spaces. 
pg. 58 

An Introduction to Precision Forging
By Ben Dyer
The key to successful small-scale forging is understanding how your hammer moves the metal. Learn the basics, and then refine your skills. 
pg. 60 

Spotlight on Education: Craft Centers Take a Central Role
By Sharon Elaine Thompson
Across the country, local art and craft centers enrich their communities by offering high-quality jewelry-making classes for all ages and skill levels. 
pg. 66
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