Art Jewelry January 2015

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Art Jewelry January 2015

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Pour Resin into Bone
by Karen J Lauseng
Page 30
Conjure a miniature universe within the internal structure of bone, then capture it in a brooch.

Earrings: Knife-edge Hoop Earrings
by Marthe Roberts Shea
Page 36
Combine a few basic soldering techniques and you have one stunning pair of earrings!

On Trend Wearable Wood
Page 44
Inventive jewelry makers have looked to wood as a material since the earliest days of jewelry making. These days, artisans are taking wood into new territory.

Make a Simple and Secure Pin Back
by Jillian Palone
Page 46
Transform two pieces of tubing into an easy, elegant finding – the explore ways to make it your own.

Low-tech Die Forming
by John Tzelepis
Page 50
Use your own homemade dies and punches to form metal sheet and create a chased design.

Die Forming with the Hydraulic Press
by Chris Irick
Page 56
Learn how to make silhouette dies and quickly form simple shapes using a jewelry studio's most powerful tool.

Capture the Glass Ring in Two Classic Weaves
by Catherine Randolph Hamilton
Page 62
Modify box chain and helm weave to suspend glass elements in a bold chain mail bracelet.
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