Art Jewelry May 2015

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Art Jewelry May 2015

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Thoughts on Design
by Tim McCreight
Page 30
What’s the key to designing well? Learning the language and letting yourself play.
Plus: Speaking the Language of Design

Casting Glossary: Mold Making
Page 69

On Trend: Finding a Perfect Balance
Page 34
Take a look at work by artists who find their feet by playing with the concept of asymmetry.

Bring Tabs to the Forefront
by Erin Austin
Page 36
Enhance the contours of freeform stones with oversized decorative tabs that integrate form and function.

Build an Asymmetrical Neckpiece from Sketch to Finish
by Casey Sheppard
Page 46
Let your design evolve as you construct a neckpiece from the initial rendering to the final piece.

Asymmetrical Design
by Casey Sheppard
Page 51
Explore asymmetry in the design process.

Earrings: Cone Earrings
by Marthe Roberts Shea
Page 52
Sterling silver cones are the perfect way to show off long bullet cabochons.

How to Lay Out a Cone Template
by Annie Pennington
Page 57

Explore New Dimensions of Liquid Polymer Clay
by Klavdija Kurent
Page 58
Use liquid polymer to enhance textured clay, add custom colors, and suspend ink to create a brooch with the illusion of depth.

New Polymer Clay Thickness Standards
by Hazel L. Wheaton
Page 63

Make a Master … Make a Mold … Make a Model
by Rebecca Rose
Page 64
Assemble an array of found objects to create a prototype for lost-wax casting.
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