Art Jewelry July 2015

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Art Jewelry July 2015

This issue is polybagged with a 16-page booklet that focuses on Hand Tools.
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Metal Clay & Wire Fusion
by Valerie Preston
Page 28
Paint metal clay paste onto a wire framework to create a lace-like effect.

Adapt Textile-weaving Techniques to Metal
by Jeanie Pratt
Page 32
Set a warp and weft with flattened wire, and weave your own silver “fabric.”

Tactics for Tool Storage: Hammers
by Michael David Sturlin, Annie Pennington
Page 38
Use easy-to-find hooks and clips to transform wasted space into an efficient tool-storage system.

On Trend: An Insect Obsession
Page 46
Featured artist Jeanie Pratt has been collecting bug-themed jewelry by leading jewelry makers for years. Take a peek at some of her favorite pieces.

Earrings: Fold-over Earrings
by Marthe Roberts Shea
Design a silver cutout to perfectly complement a custom-cut stone.

DIY Dapping Punches
by Julia Lowther
Page 52
Raid the hardware store for components to make your own wooden dapping punches.

Organization 101: Studio Storage Solutions
Page 56
Art Jewelry readers share their innovative solutions to organizing tools and materials.

Kiln Care: How to Replace a Heating Element
by Charity Hall
Page 60
If your kiln's gone cold, don't panic! You can get it back in working order without costly repairs.

Take a Decorative Approach to Sawing & Filing
by Dellana
Page 64
Use a traditional knife-making technique to add precise detail to your jewelry.
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