Art Jewelry September 2015

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Art Jewelry September 2015

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Create a Kinetic Chain with Universal Joints
by Laura Elizabeth Mullen
Page 30
Make a jewelry-scale version of an industrial mechanism as a playful way to add movement to your work.

Make a Ring that Swings
by Julie Sanford
Page 36
A tube and a hidden post are the secrets to making a piece of jewelry that only sits still when you do.

On Trend: Jewelry that Moves
Page 41
A collection of kinetic, challenging work by leading jewelry makers from around the world.

Design 3 Custom Pin to Pendant Converters
by Tova Lund
Page 44
Add flexibility to your jewelry pieces with a simple finding that quickly transforms any brooch into a pendant.

Tube-hoop earrings
by Marthe Roberts Shea
Page 52
Learn a clever trick for bending tubing into a smooth, kink-free arc by making these classic earrings.

How to Construct an Invisible Hinge
by Tom Muir
Page 56
Precise layout, precise filing, and precise fit are key to constructing a mechanism that disappears into your piece.

Build a Collection of Metal-clay Charms
by Lynn Cobb
Page 62
Take an assembly-line approach to making a series of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Data Sheet: Sanding
Page 67
In the process of refining your work, sanding comes after filing.
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