Art Jewelry January 2016

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Art Jewelry January 2016

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Classic Hollow Form: Powder Coating Explained
by Theresa D. Abelew, Annie Pennington
Page 29
With a wide range of colors and super-durable finish, powder coating gives jewelry makers a new way to play and protect at the same time.

Make Powder-coated Ombré Earrings
by Sam Mitchell
Page 32
Add bright color to base metal using the simplest of tools and a quick, easy technique.

Supercharge Your Sealant! Powder-coat Your Patina!
by Ryan Gardner
Page 36
Trade in messy liquid sealants for a flexible, easy-to-apply industrial-strength alternative.

Soldering Hidden Joins
by Jeff Fulkerson
Page 44
Use hidden crossbars to create a pendant with the illusion of a floating central element.

How to Make a Spiculum
by Michael David Sturlin
Page 50
Form, solder, and planish to transform a flat template into a graceful, tapered tube.

Create Kinetic Wire Cluster Earrings
by Annie Pennington
Page 56
Combine delicate forging and production assembly techniques to make silver earrings with a twist.

Boxes & Lockets: Marquise Box
by Marthe Roberts Shea
Page 60
In the first of a new series, explore how to make a simple yet elegant silver container.

On Trend: Boxes & Lockets
Page 64
Many jewelry makers and metal artist take joy in creating containers, wearable or not, that are appropriately beautiful for the treasures they keep.

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