BeadStyle November 2005

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November 2005
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Lily original 
By Irina Miech 
An art bead blossoms in a silk cord necklace 

Big bangle theory 
By Brenda Schweder 
Gumball-sized pearls star in a fabulous bracelet and earrings 

Chain reigns 
By Rupa Balachandar 
Combine a variety of chains in an extra long necklace 

Green piece 
By Diana Grossman 
Showcase gorgeous green beads in a classic three-strand necklace 

Era apparent 
By Eva Kapitany 
Combine 1920s-style components with dichroic glass for a fast and flashy bracelet 

Flash flood 
By Sue Godfrey 
Crystals and liquid silver or gold make a splash in a multistrand necklace 

A few of our favorite things 
By Naomi Fujimoto 
Create colorful ornaments with unusual glass beads 

Coin trick 
By Lea Rose Nowicki 
Bring good fortune your way with a silver-coin necklace 

Art exhibit 
By Jean Yates 
Memory wire and rubber tubing provide a great canvas for art beads 

Golden opportunity 
By Betsy Baker 
Pair gemstone nuggets with gold accents for a quick necklace, bracelet, and earrings 

Spectrum snapshot 
By Anne Nikolai Kloss 
Three crystal hues form a banded bracelet 

Boulder statement 
By Jane Konkel 
Assemble a landslide of graduated colors plus a suede cord for an earthy necklace 

Seasonal sparkle 
By Maria Camera 
Faceted cubic zirconia and crystals combine in a brilliant necklace, bracelet, and earrings
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