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March 2010
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Preserve a memory 
Use resin on fabric to create colorful charms 
By Cathy Jakicic 

Photo-charm bracelet 
Set tiny photographs in shapely bezels for an easy memory bracelet 
By Irina Miech 

Take heart and make art 
Pour your heartfelt sentiments into a playful pendant 
By Jane Jonkel 

Stir up some sweet delights 
Create resin confections for a colorful bracelet 
By Steven James 

Get some closure 
Clothing clasps move up in the world - to your neckline! 
By Paulette Biedenbender 

Wire into perfect pendants 
For no-fuss earrings, these spiral disks fit the bill 
By Heather Boardman 

Mix a glass menagerie 
Combining glass "species" creates a harmonious hole 
By Cathy Jakicic 

The gift that gives twice 
Touch the lives of others through beads 
By Theresa Drake Abelew 

Bee Stylish 
Ceramic and brass components create a fashion buzz 
By Irina Miech 

String a crystal sonnet 
Lines of crystal chain read beautifully around your neck 
By Linda Arline Hartung 

Embroidered details 
Combine lace doilies and embroidery floss in crafty hoop earrings 
By Sonia Kumar 

Climbing vine necklace 
Balance a pendant with leaf-shaped links 
By Leah Rivers 

Breeze through a spring set 
Coordinate pastel tones for a quick necklace, bracelet, and earrings 
By Kate Purdy 

Cross earrings 
Flat beads make a flattering backdrop for your wirework 
By Ann Westby 

Gather a beaded bouquet 
Go on a treasure hunt for the makings of this floral stretch bracelet 
By Elizabeth O'Hara
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