Bead Style January 2013

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January 2013
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Pearl essence
By Susanne Young
Use one simple technique to make a gorgeous pearl necklace
pg. 34

Subtle charm
By Stephanie Gard Buss
Use black epoxy clay for a vintage look
pg. 40

Fresh keshi style
By Naomi Fujimoto
String two pearl shapes in a lush bib necklace
pg. 46

Knit a new look
By Sara Oehler
Turn beading wire into colorful bracelets
pg. 50

Wire your way to super hoops
By Ann Westby
Make beautiful earrings with wire — no beads!
pg. 56

Victorian bracelet
By Giorgia Scardini
Seed bead details elevate a simple design
pg. 58

Leather & Luxe
By Sarah Arnett
Add some sparkle to a wrap bracelet
pg. 60

Stick to pearls
By Irina Miech
Combine assorted pearls in a long, lovely necklace
pg. 64

Graduated style
By Anisha Collins
When you start with a gorgeous strand, finishing is easy
pg. 68

Textured three-strand
By Marcy Kentz
An elegant necklace is easy with versatile leather
pg. 70

Stash bracelet
By Linda Aspenson Bergstrom
Give new life to leftover beads
pg. 90
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