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January 2014
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Quick bling
By Judy Payne
Gel glue offers oodles of crystal design options
pg. 30

Craft a crystal pendant
By Debra Saucier
Embed crystal drops in clay to create a brilliant necklace
pg. 32

Rivet away
By Irina Miech
Rock a riveted look in leather bracelets
pg. 38

Charming channels
By Naomi Fujimoto
Connect a handful of leftover crystal charms in sparkly earrings
pg. 40

Crstallized & convertible
By Laura Timmons
Iron crystal mesh on a ribbon for a versatile wrap necklace or bracelet
pg. 42

Evergreen jewels
By Kelsey Lawler
Multistrand jewelry gets a fancy finishing
pg. 46

Pathway of pearls
By Alice Kharon
Round beads pave the way to an easy woven bracelet
pg. 50

NEW! String and sell: Getting started
By Jean Yates
What you'll need to set up an online shop
pg. 52

Knot your typical crystals
By Naomi Fujimoto
Tie up affordable crystals in a stunning necklace
pg. 56

Sew soutache
By Jane Danley Cruz
Create a bevy of earrings with these versatile fiber braids
pg. 60

Bejeweled collar
By Jane Danley Cruz
Dress up a simple collar with crystals
pg. 66

Pearls aplenty
By Nancy Lasser
An array of pearls becomes a lush bracelet
pg. 68

Rising Star: Wire wonders
By Rosa Czarnomski
Bend, loop, and weave wire for wearable works of art
pg. 72

Ciao bella!
By Kelsey Lawler
Venetian glass beads will have you saying "Hello, beautiful!"
pg. 74

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