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February 2011
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Triangle in transition
By Linda K. Landy
If you love peyote stitch, you'll flip over this bracelet. Stitch the triangles, position them to form a band, and sew a connecting row between them. Add a clasp and voilà! 
pg. 36 

Crystal compass
By Marcia DeCoster
Slip a strip of right-angle weave into the groove of a bangle, and add netted medallions around it.
pg. 40 

Mio cuore
By Linda Fordyce
Wire-wrap loops of seed beads to a heart-shaped frame for a festive pendant or ornament.
pg. 44 

Vintage skeleton key pendants
By Diane Hyde
Use peyote stitch and right-angle weave to give an antique key a modern look by embellishing it with beads, crystals, Lucite flowers, and leaves.
pg. 46 

That's a wrap
By Melissa Grakowsky
Twisted tubular herringbone winds around itself to hang a pretty pendant.
pg. 52 

Artist Profile: Solitude and solicitude
By Stacy Werkheiser
Designer and teacher Carol Wilcox Wells strikes the right balance of community and quiet time.
pg. 55 

Loop de loop
By Jessica Fehrmann
Embellish peyote tubes with loops to complement lampwork beads. Attach drop beads to chain to complete the textured look.
pg. 58 

Floral memory
By Jacquelyn Scieszka
Create a vintage-style necklace with peyote stitch flowers and tubular herringbone connector tubes.
pg. 62 

Bunches of buttons
By Stacy Werkheiser
Bundle a collection of sew-through buttons in a necklace strung with pearls and chain.

To learn more about buttons, read articles by members of the National Button Society at
pg. 68 

Backstory: One in three million
By Valerie Hector
Liu Fengxin spent seven years creating a 91-foot beaded panel depicting one of China's most famous landscape paintings traditionally called "Along the River at Qingming Festival."
pg. 71
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