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February 2012
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When it reigns
By Isabella Lam
Weave a regal collar with jewel-tone fire-polished beads and picots of metallic seed beads.
pg. 41

Hollywood squared
By Donna Sutton
Stitch your way to a dazzling Tila bead cuff studded with seed beads and two-hole crystal settings. The base of this bracelet is constructed using modified square stitch, securing new rows of beads to previous rows of beads rather than stitch one bead to one bead as in traditional square stitch (Online Basics or Video).
pg. 44

Helena elements
By Maggie Roschyk
We're sorry. This project is not available to purchase on the website. You'll find this, and other great projects, in Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry. 
pg. 48

Backstory: Uncovering the bead hoard
By Suzanne Branca
A string of owners gets the surprise of their lives as a stockpile of vintage beads and findings trades hands over the decades.
pg. 52

Vines and flowers
By Jackie Schwietz
Combine stitches to create a feminine bracelet. Add crystals, branches, buds, flowers, and leaves to a peyote base (Online Basics or Videos) for a nature-inspired bracelet design. Clasp it with a button to complete the romantic look.
pg. 58

Standing ovation
By Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Nothing turns heads like the flash of Swarovski Elements, and these fashionable bangles sport a solid ring of those eye-catching crystals along its outer edge. The spoke-like structure provided by Miyuki Tila beads or Czech two-hole tile beads stitched in cubic right-angle weave (Online Basics or Videos) elevates the design, while the inner ring of pearls provides a comfortable base layer that makes this bracelet easy to wear.
pg. 62

Spring fling
By May Brisebois
Combine fiber-optic glass and gemstone beads with crystal briolettes to make a lovely crossweave necklace reminiscent of cherry blossoms. In crossweave technique, two needles cross through a bead (or beads) so the needle that was on the right side is now on the left side and vice versa.
pg. 66

By Kelli Burns
Connect peyote-bezeled rivolis with arcs of ladder stitch, modified herringbone stitch (Online Basics or Videos), and picots for an out-of-this-world necklace.
pg. 69

Filigree fanfare
By Nealay Patel
Form fans of cube beads, triangle beads, and seed beads into an undulation bracelet built on beading wire strung through filigree findings.
pg. 72

Artist Profile: Beading the farm
By Margaret A. Haapoja
Artist A. Kimberlin Blackburn makes beaded sculptures that capture the spirit of the harvest.
pg. 78

Captured cosmos
By Jenny Van
Use crossweave technique to create a two-sided beaded bead as colorful and intricate as an interstellar cloud. Attach curved-link spokes interspersed with bicones and oval crystals for a perfectly proportionate pendant. In crossweave technique, two needles cross through a bead (or beads) so the needle that was on the right side is now on the left and vise versa.
pg. 80
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