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June 2012
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Bella's pearls
By Cynthia Rutledge
The bezel around this trillion-cut CZ is pretty and also practical - a sculptural peyote "throne" on the back protects against the stone's pointed terminus. The bezel's pearl detailing then draws the eye upward to a scalloped necklace chain of wrapped loops and more pearls.
pg. 38

Springy spiral bangles
By Sara Oehler
Russian spiral normally produces a soft drape, but substituting beading wire for regular thread gives this stitch an unexpected springy feel while allowing it to hold its shape. This provides the structure needed for a big, bold bangle!
pg. 42

Count your chickens
By Michele Trondsen
Follow along with a netting pattern to stitch up a bracelet of trailing chicks.
pg. 44

Echoes of Nefertiti
By Helena Tang-Lim
Combine round disks with angular Tila beads and mix in twisted tubular herringbone for a shapely necklace that transcends time.
pg. 48

Strike a pose
By Ann Dee Allen
Artist Gail Be adds eye-popping, fabric-less beaded fashions to her design legacy.
pg. 53

Bejeweled garland choker
By Melanie Potter
Embellish a netted choker with pearls, suspend bezeled chatons from the band, and make an adjustable closure for a luxurious necklace.
pg. 57

Bugle core
By Barbara Klann
Transform bugle beads into a square frame that forms the base of these earrings. That plain square then becomes a diamond with cube bead corners and crystal elements.
pg. 62

Rolling tide
By Lori Wilkes
Picture a microscopic beach with sea foam bubbles, lapping waves, and the midday sun reflecting off the water. Then make your image with polymer clay, and wear it as a brooch.
pg. 65
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