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Crystal crossings bracelet
by Jackie Schwietz
Page 23
Embellish a peyote-stitched base with crystals and pearls to accent an exquisite bracelet.

Festive by design necklace
by Janice Chatham
Page 26
Combine popular stitches to create a party-perfect necklace glimmering with pearls and rose montées.

'Tis the season to twist bracelet
by Cara Landry
Page 30
Stack your wrist with ropes of twisted tubular herringbone showcasing your favorite holiday hues.

Elegance with an attitude
by Nicole Vogt
Page 36
The monochromatic colors and spike beads bring texture and dimension to this sophisticated bracelet.

Winter garden necklace
by Gianna Zimmerman
Page 40
Beautiful floral components come together for an exceptional necklace just right for any occasion.

Crystallized square bracelet
by Maria Teresa Moran
Page 48
A sturdy right-angle weave base is adorned with QuadraTiles and seed beads, and capped off with crystals for over-the-top endless sparkle.

Holiday garland bracelet
by Jeanette Dailey Bobby
Page 60
Relive days gone by with a bracelet reminiscent of an old-fashioned popcorn-and-cranberry garland.

Twice as nice bracelet
by Cary Bruner
Page 64
Work in right-angle weave around a leather cord to make this stunning double wrap bracelet embellished with sparkling crystals.

Peppermint delights set
by Lane Landry
Page 68
Cook up fresh and minty swirled beaded beads into a cut jewelry set that gives the impression you're wearing real peppermint candy!

Pinnacle lace necklace
by Renee Kovnesky
Page 72
Two-hole beads add detail and elegance to this delicate collar-style necklace.

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