Bead&Button April 2016

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Beaded fabric buttons
by Lori Phillips
Page 22
Make a fabric-covered button, and embellish it with beads for a stunning home accent or a focal piece for your jewelry.

Cosmic burst pendant
by Hannah Rosner
Page 24
Capture a rivoli with a collection of two-hole triangle beads and four-hole QuadraTile beads to create a radiant pendant.

Checkered path bracelet
by Cary Bruner
Page 34
Use complimentary bead colors to create a cleverly designed reversible bracelet that features a chessboard rhinestone bezel setting.

COVER: Springtime garden necklace
by Julia Hecht
Page 38
Braid seed beads and two-hole beads within a kumihimo rope to lay the foundation for embellishments that resemble nature.

Trail of roses bracelet
by Julie Moore Tanksley
Page 42
Stitch a winding path of flower components joined together with pearls, crystals, and seed beads.

Seed of life earrings
by Svetlana Chernitsky
Page 48
Made up of seven interlocking circles, the seed of life pattern is often used to symbolize the building blocks of life. This fun beaded version is super easy to make – perfect for spring!

Triangle treasure bracelet
by Marie New
Page 51
Inspired by the iconic origami fortune teller (aka cootie catcher) beloved by kids everywhere, this textured bracelet works up easily with two-hole triangles and seed beads.

Gem of a spiral necklace
by Marcia Balonis
Page 54
This unusual spiral uses an assortment of beads, including gemstones, and is stitched off a right-angle weave core.

Ring around the barrel bead
by Fatima Mensen-Potter
Page 59
Create a cleverly constructed beaded bead using a wood barrel, seed beads, and fire-polished beads.

Flowers in bloom bracelet
by Stephanie Goff
Page 62
A row of tiny Pip bead flowers adorn your wrist in a base supported with Kheops beads.

Doing donuts pendant
by Justyna Szlezak
Page 65
Craft a cute donut pendant with seed beads and a handful of fire-polished beads.

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