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Bead&Button August 2016

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Tempting treasures wire frame earrings by Bonnie Riconda

Super cube beaded beads by Zsuzanna Veres

Funky fringe earrings by Angie Mezes

Gems & pearls multistrand necklace by Deb Lonergan

Picture perfect bracelet by Debora Hodoyer

Dainty delight set by Andrea Mazzenga

All aglow braclet by Ora Shai

Crescent sunburgs set by Kathy Simonds

Diamonds in the rough set by Cassie Donlen

Venetian window necklace by Graehound

Crystal blossoms bracelet by Szidonia Petki

Surfin' around the waves by Jimmie Boatright

Book expert: Beader's dozen by Cathy Jakicic
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