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Making your own beautiful jewelry is easier than you may have thought.  A few basic tools and the techniques in this book will help you turn colorful beads into earrings, bracelets, and necklaces you'll be proud to wear or make for gifts.
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A complete primer on beading, Get Started Beading instructs you in the basics of beadwork. Bead stringing, wirework, and the most common bead stitches - peyote, brick, square, herringbone, and right-angle weave - are presented through clear instructions, photos, and illustrations. Stylish accessories accompany each technique and provide lasting inspiration. With more than 45 fabulous projects - from simple strung necklaces to multi-strand bracelets and spiral wire embellishments - this volume is packed with great information and ideas.
Author: From Bead&Button magazine
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 230
Black & White photos: 0
Illustrations: 0
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From the editors of Bead&Button magazine.
Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Tools and materials 5
Basics 9
Gallery 11

Basic strung necklace 14
Two-strand bracelet 15
Playing with color 16
Easy Y-necklace 18
Art bead ensemble 20
Beaded eyeglass holder 22
Two-strand choker 24
Floating pearls 25
Beading with briolettes 26
Beaded watch band 28
Easy multistrand necklace 30
Luxurious lariat 32
Braided five-strand necklace 34
Finishing touches 36
Leather cord necklace 38

Head pin earrings 40
Dangles and drops 41
Victorian tassels 42
Delicate flower earrings 43
Antique button bracelet 44
Embellished bead chain 46
Charm bracelet 48
Crystal slide necklace 50
Pearl drop necklace 51
Coiled head pin earrings 52
Coiled wire bracelet 54
Elegant wire earrings 56
Two spiral earring styles 58
Button bracelets 60

Square stitch basics 64
Reversible bracelets 65
Inlaid bead ring 67
Triangular twist lariat 68
Brick stitch basics 70
Blackfeet needle-woven earrings 70
Brick stitch hearts 72
Hoop dreams 74
Peyote stitch basics 76
Easy peyote cuff 78
Easy peyote rope 80
Ndebele herringbone basics 82
Fringed Ndebele herringbone bracelet 82
Endless Ndebele herringbone cuff 84
Tubular herringbone bracelet 86
Right-angle-weave basics 88
Right-angle-weave crystal bracelet 88
Right-angle-weave collar 90
Embellished right-angle-weave bracelet 92

Contributors 95
Index 96
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