Patterns in Polymer

Julie Picarello
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Learn polymer clay color, pattern, and texture from a pro!
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Create stunning, colorfully patterned focal beads with polymer clay! Learn secrets for sophisticated color mixing, imprint tools, adding found objects to polymer, and designing and finishing layered beads.
Author: Julie Picarello
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 250
Black & White photos: 0
Illustrations: 0
Author Bio

Julie Picarello is a recognized and respected artist, teacher, and active board member in the polymer clay community. She has taught throughout the U.S. and in Europe, at major shows and for polymer guilds. Julie was the program chair for the 2010 International Polymer Clay Association conference.

Table of Contents
What to Expect in this Book

Chapter 1: Getting Started
The Art of Mokume Gane and Polymer Clay
About Polymer
Tools & Supplies

Chapter 2: Imprint & Finishing Techniques
The Basic Imprint Technique
Creating & Finishing Beads

Chapter 3: Bead Projects
Two-Color Imprint
Shadows & Stripes
Lazy River
Inked Metal Leaf Imprint
Lizard Tails

Chapter 4: Jewelry Projects
Pendant with Polymer-Riveted Metal Bail
Textured Pendant with Lizard Tail Bail
Tribal Pendant
Snappy Pendant
Pendulum Earrings
Multi-Bead Set Necklace

Chapter 5: A Few Extras
Tips & Tricks from Julie
Supply Sources

About the Artist & Acknowledgments
It's amazingly easy and satisfying to create stunning, colorfully patterned focal beads with polymer clay. Artist Julie Picarello has developed a signature style of beads for jewelry using layering and imprinting methods based on the ancient metalworking art of mokume gane.
With her unmatched eye for color, color mixing and layering, fan favorite Picarello helps beginners and advanced polymer artisans design, texture and finish gorgeous art beads using relatively simple techniques. In-depth introduction sections cover basics, color inspiration and recipes, and needed tools and materials. Patterns in Polymer includes 7 mini projects and 10 finished jewelry projects, while callouts at the beginning of each project let readers know exactly what specialized techniques they will learn. Picarello shares her secrets for sophisticated color mixing, imprint tools, adding found objects to polymer, and designing and finishing her layered beads.
The book includes
-Picarello's recipes for successful color palettes.
-The magic of 'Jecru'.
-Her polymer imprint technique based on the art of mokume gane.
-A list of suppliers and resources.
With polymer, a world of exploration awaits. No other medium lends itself to such a wide range of applications: Polymer can be sculpted, carved, textured, painted, inked, manipulated into canes of incredible detail, and so much more. These days, newcomers to polymer have a wealth of how-to information available, much of it featuring a wide range of techniques and projects that can be created from this versatile material. Patterns in Polymer spotlights a single technique and explores it deeply: creating beads using what Picarello calls the imprint technique - a way of working that has held her imagination for many years and continues to bring forth surprises. Readers also learn how to incorporate metal accents and connect them securely to polymer. This book does not include all of the basic information that can be found so readily and is explained so well elsewhere. Rather, it is geared toward those who already have a working knowledge of polymer. In it, she shares five years of experimentation distilled into nearly 100 pages of information and projects, exploring color, tools, dimension, finishing, accents, and more.
For readers who are ready to step beyond the basics of polymer into rich patterns, lush textures, and sophisticated color palettes, Patterns in Polymer shows the way. It is the color that makes polymer clay truly exciting, and this book uses color like readers have never seen it before. Picarello brings an incredible level of texture and detail to her polymer clay beads and jewelry. Readers learn polymer clay color, pattern, and texture from a pro. As they go through the book, they experience a sense of excitement and delight, along with the satisfaction of designing art beads that are uniquely and beautifully theirs.

This book is like one big workshop on all you need to know about polymer clay including colour, texture and pattern using imprints and mokume gane. Great photos and easy to follow instructions. Create amazing shapes with interesting detail. The author shares her secrets of working with this fantastic medium. This is a medium of exploration, learn the techniques for patterns in this book and do your own thing to create unique beads and more. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
-Karen Platt's Book Reviews

Patterns in Polymer comes from a noted mixed-media artist and instructor whose work has appeared in many magazines and books, and who offers a fine survey of polymer clay beads and jewelry projects to make from them. Five bead projects and six jewelry projects feature her beads and provide a range of tips for creating and using polymer patterns, with bright color photos outlining the entire process for newcomers to jewelry-making in general or polymer in particular.
-The Midwest Book Review
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