Bead Crochet Basics (+DVD)

Candice Sexton
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This book-with-DVD package includes everything you need to begin: tools and materials information, demonstrations of key techniques, and instructions for 22 projects.

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In Bead Crochet Basics, Candice Sexton takes the guesswork out of the trickiest part of bead crochet: starting the tube. Beaders can use the quick-start DVD to see the setup in action, then progress through the 10 techniques and 22 projects with the confidence to succeed! Bead Crochet Basics is the only book-and-DVD set that introduces the basics of and leads beaders step-by-step through the perfect range of techniques and projects for building confidence and ensuring success. Candice Sexton offers gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces in a wide variety of styles. Every beader will find something to make, wear, or share.
Author: Candice Sexton
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 88
Color photos: 40
Black & White photos: 0
Illustrations: 30
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Author Bio

Click here to see an interview with Candice Sexton.

Candice Sexton discovered bead crochet in 2001 when traveling with beadwork on airplanes became a challenge. She loves the relaxing, meditative, and creative qualities of bead crochet, and she also enjoys beadweaving and wireworking. Candice delights in devising new and unusual ways to work with materials and techniques, such as creating the ruffles technique and using wire as a thread for sewing beads. Candice’s work has been published in Bead&Button and Perlen Poesie magazines. She teaches locally in her home state of Indiana and nationally at the Bead&Button Show and Bead Fest. Candice has a bachelor’s degree in construction and a master’s degree in media communication, and she works as an advertising and marketing professional. Her varied background includes working as an engineer, publishing a women’s magazine, and working in catalog design and development.

Table of Contents

Bead Crochet Basics
TECHNIQUE 1: Stringing the beads 
TECHNIQUE 2: Basic slip-stitch method
TECHNIQUE 3: Continuing the rope
TECHNIQUE 4: Finishing techniques
Project 1: 5-around Hibiscus Flower Bracelet 
Project 2: 6-around Hibiscus Flower Bracelet 
Project 3: Sedona Sunset Bracelet 
Project 4: Bead-Mix and Single-Color Bracelets 
Project 5: Fringe-Closure Bracelets 
Project 6: Bead-Mix Bracelet
Project 7: Beginner Necklace 
Project 8: Summertime Necklace 
TECHNIQUE 5: Moving beyond the basics 
TECHNIQUE 6: Invisible join closure 
TECHNIQUE 7: Too many or missing beads
TECHNIQUE 8: Changing cord 
Project 9: Band of Color Bracelets 
Project 10: Twist Bracelets 
Project 11: Tie Dye Reverse Spiral Bracelet 
TECHNIQUE 9: Using Crystals & Daggers 
Project 12: Crystal Band Bracelet 
Project 13: Crystal Twist Bracelet 
Project 14 Red Velvet Crystal Necklace 
Project 15: Wire Closure Bracelets 
TECHNIQUE 10: Pattern Samplers
Project 16: Triangle Bracelet 
Project 17: Square Bracelet 
Project 18: Versatile Pattern Bracelets 
Project 19: Zigzag Necklace
Project 20: Petite Patterns Bracelets 
Project 21: Peyote Inspired Bracelet
Project 22: Ruffles and Spirals Necklace 

Acknowledgments/About the Author

Making bead crochet jewelry can be relaxing and fun, especially with a step-by-step guide that includes DVD and explorations of all the basics, from tools and materials to how to make some 22 bead crochet projects. Full-page color photos accompany materials descriptions and a range of jewelry-making endeavors that are perfect for even beginning crocheters or jewelry-makers. The result is a recommendation for crafts and needlework collections alike.
-The Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox

Bead crochet is a bit like chain maille in that the start is always the trickiest. Especially if you have never done crochet before. But once started the process is as rhythmically soothing as the other craft techniques like kumihimo, knitting and so on. Beaded crochet ropes can either be standalone designs for bracelets or necklaces or like kumihimo, be the necklace cord for handmade pendants.
I recently received Candice Sexton's new book Bead Crochet Basics for review. This 22 project book is a wonderful introduction to the technique. Clearly laid out with beautiful photographs and clean design - colored backgrounds can obscure designs.
The critical start, the main stumbling block for the beginner bead crocheter, is covered both with step by step photographs as well as in the accompanying DVD. The author also adds all sorts of tips. She reiterates a number of times the correct position of the beads in the working row as well as in the completed rows...and how to sort things out if they are not.
Bead crochet is not as easy to accomplish as say basic kumihimo as tension is key. The author demonstrates how to get even loops by the little trick of sliding the thread loop up the crochet hook.
Many people say to start with using 8/0 seed beads because 6/0 is too big and 11/0 is too frustrating. But this instructor in the early book projects disproves the notion 6/0 is unflattering and encourages beginners to use these easier beads.
One outstanding feature of this book is how the author carefully progresses to more difficult things in a logical manner. She follows with how to use smaller beads and add bands of colors once the basics are mastered.
The pattern sampler section shows how the stringing patterns result in the final tube designs.
It`s worth doing small samples to develop unique designs such as the Chrysanthemum bracelet.
Other noteworthy tricks to learn in this book is how to create spiral or twisted tubes with bead crochet. Clever use of different size beads.
It`s not criticism as such but I think the book title could easily be Bead Crochet Basics and Beyond! That`s because the latter projects are much more challenging. The pièce de résistance of the book had to be the magnificent Ruffles and Spirals necklace which not only had the twists but included lots of texture all of which were accomplished with bead crochet.
I highly recommend this book if you wish to learn this technique. This one goes on my list of favorite books.
-The Beading Gem's Journal, Pearl Blay
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