Creative Designs Using Shaped Beads

Anna Draeger
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New shapes for bead stitching encourage creative design and play.  And no one is more imaginative when it comes to designing beautiful jewelry for you to stitch and wear than Anna Elizabeth Draeger.
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Combining hot new bead shapes with creative stitching is a winning formula! Building on the success of her first shaped-beads book, acclaimed designer Anna Elizabeth Draeger is back with 25 all-new projects. SuperDuos, twins, spikes, and more -- Anna shows beaders how to pair these new shapes with their favorite beads in unusual ways to create lovely, wearable jewelry.

• Projects include beaded beads, rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces

• Each piece has an extra design option with complete instructions, effectively doubling the value!

• Projects are conveniently organized by skill level to help build confidence

Author: Anna Draeger
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 58
Black & White photos: 0
Illustrations: 150
Author Bio
Anna Elizabeth Draeger is a well-known jewelry designer and the author of Crystal Brilliance, Crystal Play, and Great Designs for Shaped Beads. Since 2009, Anna has been an ambassador for the CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski Elements program, a handpicked worldwide network of designers who are known for their design expertise and passion for teaching.
Table of Contents
Guide to the Beads

Beaded Beads:
• Baby Baubles 
• Delica Delights 
• Super Spheres 
• Bumble Beads 
• Bugles with Crystals

• Rizo Rings 
• Infinity Rings 
• Spinner Rings 
• Pyramid Rings 
• Triangulation Rings 

• Crystal Windows
• Bugle Diamonds 
• Wonder Wheels 
• Sassy Spikes 
• Starships 

• Cubes vs. Triangles
• Stacked 
• Looming Layers 
• Super Slouchy Bangles 
• Seedy Beady Bangles
• Brick Road 
• Spiraling SuperDuos 
• Tila Links 
• Petal Perfect 

Basics Review
About the Author
It doesn't seem that long ago when two hole seed beads like the super duos and tila beads became available.  There are also other two hole beads such as the Czechmate lentils and brick beads (sort of half tilas) as well as cylindrical Rulla beads.  Just one extra hole and the beads increased design possibilities by a huge margin!
Beaders who love using two hole beads as well as other shaped beads will enjoy Anna Elizabeth Draeger's new book Creative Designs Using Shaped Beads which I recently received for review. This 24 project book focuses on not just the usual favorites like triangles, bugles, daggers and cubes but also covers less commonly used beads such as spikes, gum drops, Rizo (rice shaped) and rose petals.
The book is well presented and almost evenly organized by jewelry type : beaded beads(5), rings (5), earrings (5), bracelets (5) and necklaces (4). Helpful boxes indicating the type of beads used occur with each project. Almost half of the book are at the intermediate level with a few of those bordering on advanced.  This author is the first I have come across who divides the beginner skill level into beginner and motivated beginner.  A good thing because there are those who are beyond the absolute basics but not yet ready to try the intermediate category.
Some of my favorite designs from the book include the Delica Delights where the tubes are formed with just Delica Beads.  The beaded Infinity Rings are also downright clever! Indeed, the ring section is outstanding.  Other fantastic rings included the rizo ringa, spinner rings, pyramid ringa and triangulation ringa where the beaded components were made to stand up.
Almost all the designs are off-loom ones using stitches like herringbone, peyote, ladder and right angle weave.  The Basics section at the back does cover how to warp and finish the project that does need a loom.
This is a worthy addition to any keen beader's book collection. It's the kind of book which will perk up a jaded beader tired of using the same old beads and inspire bead architectural thoughts!
-Pearl Blay, The Beading Gem's Journal
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