Timeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Course

Lisa Barth
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13 exquisite weaving projects arranged by difficulty level - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
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Make Stunning, Wearable Wire Jewelry!

The technique lessons and 13 exquisite projects in Timeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Course teach readers to combine wire with cabochons, seed beads, and other components to make gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry. Through a range of wirework instruction, expertly designed and presented by a well-known wire artist, readers will expand their wirework skills, produce impressive pieces they’ll be proud to wear or share, and use the techniques to create their own unique designs. The use of seed beads and crystals in the designs will attract bead stitchers, too!

Author: Lisa Barth
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 495
Black & White photos: 0
Illustrations: 0
Author Bio
Lisa Barth is a wire-jewelry artist, author, photographer, and certified senior-level metal clay instructor from Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa teaches wirework, metal clay techniques, and photography regularly and loves sharing her passion for art. Her work has been published in several magazines, including on the cover of Bead&Button and in Australian Beading, Bead Style, and Metal Clay Artist magazines. She also has projects in volumes 4 and 7 of the Kalmbach book series Creative Beading, has presented her work on live television, and is an accomplished public speaker.
Table of Contents


Getting Started:
-Wire Weaving Toolkit

-Snake Weave
   *Single Snake Weave
   *Single Snake Weave with One Bead
   *Double Snake Weave
-Flame Stitch Weave
   *Uphill Wire Preparation, Single Wrap
   *Downhill Wire Preparation, Single Wrap
   *Uphill Wire Preparation, Double Wrap
   *Dounhill Wire Preparation, Double Wrap
   *Downhill, Single Wrap
   *Uphill, Single Wrap
   *Uphill, Double Wrap
   *Downhill, Double Wrap
-Interconnecting Top and Bottom Weaves

-Gooseneck Hook
-Double-Wrapped Loop
-Spirals - Spiral Earring Posts and Spiral Connectors
-Crosscross Finished Ends
-Creating a Finish with Liver of Sulfur

Beginner Projects:
-Spiral Woven Hoops
-Donut Bail Pendant
-Woven Frame Pendant
-Woven Link Necklace

Intermediate Projects:
-Woven Bezel Earrings
-Cross Pendant
-Inverted Donut Bail
-Scalloped Edge Woven Bracelet

Advanced Projects:
-Woven Bezel Pendant (with Beaded Back Option)
-Double Diamond Woven Bracelet
-Mirror Image Bracelet
-Twist and Turn Woven Bracelet
-Double-Crossed Woven Bracelet

Inspirational Gallery
About the Author

Timeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Course provides thirteen projects that blend wire with seed beads and various components to make lovely wire earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and uses step-by-step how-to photos and clear instructions to provide a complete course in a book on using wires to make jewelry. From creating wire clasps and using connectors to differenc effects, this teaches techniques master wire weavers use in their design process. The result is a survey recommended for any who would learn how to apply the latest jewelry-making techniques.
-The Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox

Wire weaving not only adds texture and interest to wire designs but this cold connection technique is a marvellous way to join wire, beads and other findings together. It is not that difficult but doing it properly and consistently is the key.
I recently received Lisa Barth's Timeless Wire Weaving for review. I didn't have to read the About section to see that the author is not only a wonderful designer but an experienced instructor. There are just 13 projects in this book - many of which are quite involved.
The book is one which progressively takes a beginner weaver from easy projects and up. Although the project chapters are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections, they do not mean general skill levels but experience specifically with the wire weaving technique. Some practical skill with wire is needed.
The basics section was a great resource for learning the different types of weaves and finishing techniques. The author introduces both uphill and downhill weaving because it is integral to some designs. There is also interesting terminology like "turtlenecking". The origin for the flame stitch weave obviously came from the needlepoint world.
The photographs were fine overall but there was one small area where I had difficulty seeing what splicing wires (adding new wire and hiding tails) entailed as the photographs were small and the section somewhat squeezed in. But the written instructions were clear.
The most outstanding feature of Lisa's designs is how well all the wire wire ends are finished off - from the first project, the Spiral Woven earrings all the way to the last, the Double Cross Woven bracelet.
The Woven Frame pendant appears in the beginner section and is a stunning frame for a top drilled focal.
My favorite projects from the book included those which used a cross woven ending technique - simple beautiful for cabochons and in one design, for a gemstone donut.
Her cross pendant is also noteworthy. She also did a bezel pendant (not shown) which was a mix of wire and traditional beadweaving - the latter as an option for the back of the cabochon.
Her bracelet design projects progressed from simple inclusion of little beads as shown on the cover, to harder projects where bigger beads are added.
The final project is a spectacular one which shows off a double ended cross woven bezel cabochon focal for the bracelet!
If you don't live anywhere close to where the author teaches, then learning how to wire weave through her book is the next best thing. An excellent book for this technique and highly recommended. It goes on my list of favorite books.
-The Beading Gem's Journal, Pearl Blay
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