Bead Play Every Day

Beth Stone
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Component stitching with a creative twist.

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Bead Play Every Day features over 20 projects with a creative twist on traditional stitching techniques. Stitchers will learn a single technique by making a small, easy to complete component. Then, through repetition and creative experimentation, they will take on a larger project to perfect the technique. The results are beautifully stitched necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Beth Stone has a dimensional, inquisitive approach to stitching that is perfect for stitchers who are ready to experiment with making their own design choices.

Author: Beth Stone
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 96
Color photos: 240
Illustrations: 80
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Author Bio
Beth Stone has a passion for beads and a creative, inquisitive approach to stitching with them. She is the author of Seed Bead Stitching, More Seed Bead Stitching, Bead,  and Play & Love.
Table of Contents


Bead, Play, and Love
Tubular Skinny Herringbone Size and Shape Sampler
Circle Game
Wavy Skinny Herringbone Technique and bracelet
Harlequin Diamond Technique
Fan Technique
Zen Garden Technique and Bracelet
Flat Triangle Technique
Diamond stitch using many different bead combinations
Diamond Stitch Ball Variation
Tubular Peyote Sampler
Spiral Peyote
Peyote Bumps
Peyote Ball
Peyote Saucer
Beaded Bead
Folded Peyote Ruffle
Peyote Puffy Square
Bobbe Stitch
Bobbe bracelet
Bobbe Silver and Pearl Necklace
Puffy Triangle
Puffy Triangle Toggle
Pagoda Triangle
Diamond Stitch Open Weave Necklace
Toggle Clasp
Zen Garden with Three-Bead Base
Zen Triangle Necklace
Captured Bead Netting Technique
Netting Bracelet with Puffy Triangle Corners
Folded Triangle Technique
Folded Triangle Pendant
Twist Technique/Bobbe Stitch Variation
Twist Technique Necklace
Trellis Technique
Russian Spiral Technique Variation
Giant Vertical Ruffle Technique
Bobbe/Herringbone Technique
Simple Skinny Tubular Herringbone Twist
Jester Lariat
Berries For Breakfast Necklace
Color Block
Long Pendants


Basic Stitch Review

About The Author
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