Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads

Virginia Jensen
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In Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads, designer Virginia Jensen combines all the exciting new two-hole bead types — squares, Tilas, SuperDuos, Rullas, bricks, and lentils — with traditional stitches to create 30+ beautiful projects.

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Jewelry makers will delight in this collection of creative projects using the newest two-hole bead shapes! Virginia Jensen offers 30+ gorgeous bracelets, earrings, and collars made with herringbone, peyote, step stitch, right-angle weave, and more — including Virginia’s own “cluster stitch,” a brand-new stitch! The projects are easy  enough for beginners and offer never-before-seen techniques for intermediate jewelry makers.

• Showcases numerous bead types: squares, Tilas, SuperDuos, Rullas, bricks, and lentils.
• Projects are easy enough for beginners and offer never-before-seen techniques for intermediate jewelry makers.
• Easy-to-follow instructions include design and color variations for even more project ideas.
Author: Virginia Jensen
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 112
Color photos: 60
Illustrations: 85
Author Bio
Virginia Jensen is the author of Contemporary Cube Bead Designs. With many years of design experience, it’s no surprise that her greatest joy in beadwork is the design process. She lives in Grand Junction. Colo.
Table of Contents


Two-Hole Beads
Other Materials


Chapter 1: Stringing
Square and Brick Bracelet
Square and SuperDuo Bracelet
Brick Bracelet
Square with SuperDuo Ruffle Bracelet
Square with SuperDuo Sections Bracelet

Chapter 2: Peyote Stitch
Basic Peyote Bracelet with SuperDuos
Peyote Cuff with Squares and Cubes
Diagonal Peyote Cuff with Squares and Cubes

Chapter 3: Braid Stitch
S-Braid Bracelet with SuperDuos
S-Braid Bracelet with Bricks
S-Braid Bracelet with Squares
S-Braid with Two-Hole Bars
Double Braid Bracelet with Rullas
Double Braid Necklace with Rullas and SuperDuos
Double Braid Bracelet with Bricks and Squares

Chapter 4: Step Stitch
Step Bracelet with Bricks
Step Bracelet with Bricks and Squares
Step Bracelet with Tilas and Cubes
Step Bracelet with Edging

Chapter 5: Herringbone
Herringbone Cuff with Squares and Rullas
Herringbone Accented Cuff with Squares
Herringbone Bracelet with SuperDuos
Herringbone Bead and Pendant with SuperDuos

Chapter 6: Crossweave 
SuperDuo and Two-Hole Dagger Necklace
Square, SuperDuo, and One-Hole Dagger Collar
Brick Criss-Cross Collar

Chapter 7: Right-Angle Weave
Right-Angle Weave Bracelet with SuperDuos
Right-Angle Weave Bracelet and Necklace with Bricks
Right-Angle Weave Bracelet with Large Studs and Squares

Chapter 8: Cluster Stitch
Simple Cluster Bracelet
Advanced Cluster Bracelet with Squares
Cluster Necklace with Squares
Cluster Collar with Squares
Cluster Bracelet with Squares and SuperDuos
Double-Row Cluster Cuff
Cluster Bracelet with Bricks and Studs

Cluster Gallery
About the Author and Acknowledgments

"Since we live in a DIY everything world at the moment, (thank you Pinterest), many of you have already started making your own jewelry. If you have not looked into Virginia Jensen's Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads guidebook to better your jewel making with this classy new bead, then you need to immediately because you can make some gorgeous pieces with just a little help from Jensen's materials list and direction. And speaking of directions, hers are listed step-by-step WITH pictures (figure 1, figure 2, etc.), super easy to follow. My favorites are the cuff pieces, SO CUTE and timeless. And you should see the necklace patterns, AH! I will never buy a cheap statement necklace from Forever 21 ever again because hello? I can make one or seven." -Jenilee Hagen, kick ass book reviews

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