Beautiful Elements

Heather Powers
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Jewelry makers eager to personalize each project will enjoy learning the new techniques in Beautiful Elements.

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Artist Heather Powers teaches simple techniques for making custom wire and metal clasps, links, chains, pendants, headpins, and other components that are usually purchased. Jewelry makers can then experiment and combine components to create truly personalized, one-of-a-kind finished necklaces and earrings.

• Techniques include wire shaping, metal texturing and sketching, adding color with polymer clay, and more.
• Jewelry makers can try the simple techniques in a variety of materials to achieve different looks.
• 29 projects for jewelry makers eager to personalize every project.

Author: Heather Powers
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 112
Color photos: 345
Author Bio
Polymer clay bead artist Heather Powers is the creative force behind Bead Cruise, Bead Week, and the Art Bead Scene.  Visit her web site,, for more information or to contact her.
Table of Contents
Notes on Materials
Jewelry Making Tool Kit
Polymer Clay Tool Kit
Basic Jewelry Making Techniques
Basic Polymer Clay Techniques

1 Sketching on Metal
Freeform metal sketching    
1. Modern Pendant & Earrings
2. Layered Pendant & Earrings
3. Knotted Necklace & Earrings
4. Sketched Metal Toggle Bracelet

2 Adding Detail to Metal
Creating detail with metal sketching
Clay-tipped headpins
Wire and silk wrapped beads
1. Color-Framed Medallion Necklace
2. Repeating Motif Bracelet
3. Pinch of Color Earrings

3 Adding Texture and Shape
Simple leaves
Wire wreaths
1. Dangle & Drop Earrings
2. Rustic Necklace
3. Linked & Layered Bracelet

4 Creating Complementary Images
More metal sketching
Molded beads
1. Simple Sketched Earrings
2 Beads & Backdrop Pendant Necklace
3 Molded Bead Bracelet
4. Easy Earrings

5 Making Charms and Drops
Metal leaves with more detail
Embellished headpins
1. Charming Leaf & Wreath Necklace
2. Adorned Earrings
3. Bold Bracelet
4. Balanced Bracelet
5. Beaded Front-Closure Necklace

6 Adding Color with Custom Beads
Color blended beads
1. Drop Earrings
2. Pretty Pendant
3. Graduated Bead Necklace
4. Faux Lariat and Earrings

7 Playing with Textures and Patterns
Patterned beads
Custom bead caps
Textured rings
1. Long, Layered Pendant Necklace
2. Tapered-Bead Earrings
3. Coin-and-Cap Shaped Pendant Necklace
4. Stacked Bead Earrings
5. Curves & Coins Necklace    
6. Color-Blocked Bouquet Bracelet and Earrings

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