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Josie Fabre
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"Peyote stitch is so beautiful and versatile, but I am impatient and easily distracted.  I thought 'there has to be a better way,' and I found that there is. Fast Peyote!" - Josie Fabre

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Designer Josie Fabre offers a new twist on a traditional technique, perfect for first-time stitchers who love the flat bands of peyote jewelry but want a faster way to achieve beautiful results. Josie combines the technique known as Fast Peyote with her own, original, multi-drop, even-count, flat peyote patterns in 25+ beautiful easy-to-follow and easy-to create projects. The resulting finished pieces look just as intricate and polished as traditional peyote stitch, but in less time. While bracelets are the main jewelry piece created in peyote stitch, Josie has also added necklaces and earrings to her project mix.

Author: Josie Fabre
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 112
Color photos: 120
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Author Bio
Josie Fabre fell in love with stitching while in graduate school. As a full-time scientist and mother, she still beads every chance she gets. Her designs are often inspired by photographs she takes. Over ten years she has designed many popular projects for Bead & Button magazine.
Table of Contents


Natural wonders
   Cool Waves
    Magnetic Berries
    Natural Wonders Pendants (3)
  Wonderful Wings
  Oscar the Egret (pendant w/fringe on long chain)
  Monarch Butterflies
  Penguin colony
  Hummingbird Dance
Wild Side
   Safari Nights
   Wild Side ( 3 Stackable Bracelets)
  Panda Struggle
  Party! Bracelet (+neon version-Bracelet and earrings)
Colorful Classics
   Southwest X’s and O’s
   Tie Dye
   Deco fans
   Stained Glass
  Celtic Knot pendants
Modern marvels
  Geared Up!
  Words to Live By!
  New York Skyline
Bonus Projects
  Holiday Swirls
  Math Geek

Do you know how to do fast peyote stitch?  That's where you string two rows of beads and then zig and zag your needle between the rows to zip it up.  It's an especially neat trick when you are trying to follow a charted pattern.  So Josie Fabre has taken full advantage of this in her fun new book, Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry, published by Kalmbach.  All of Josie's pieces are flat multi-drop peyote, which is a great thing for beginners.

Most of the 25+ projects are bracelets, although there is a smattering of earrings and pendants as well.  Josie recommends Delica seed beads, and gives you the exact item number for each color she uses.  The projects are divided by theme: nature, wings, animals, classic colors, moderns, and a couple of more challenging charts.

All the designs are Josie's originals, and there is nice variety in the charts, even though the construction is all basically the same.  So be aware...if you are a person who likes to work with a similar technique for awhile, this may be your book! - Cyndi Lavin -
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