Colorful Wirework Jewelry

Kim St. Jean
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Wire jewelry with a colorful twist!

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Experienced wirework teacher Kim St. Jean offers 25+ projects that combine this modern material with traditional off-jig wrapping, coiling, and weaving techniques. Readers new to wire will learn to create a collection of colorful pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that reflect Kim's fun and playful style.
Author: Kim St. Jean
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 112
Color photos: 340
Author Bio
A former public school teacher, Kim St. Jean now combines her love of teaching with her creative talent as a jewelry maker. Kim teaches metalworking and other jewelry-making techniques at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts, John C. Campbell Folk School, the Bead&Button Show, Swarovski’s Create Your Style in Tucson, the Wildacres Retreat, and other national venues. When she’s not traveling, Kim also teaches at her studio in Myrtle Beach, S. C. Kim has been published in numerous magazines and books, and she has appeared on several beading and craft television programs. Kim is the author of Mixed Metal Mania: Solder, Rivet, Hammer, and Wire Exceptional Jewelry and Metal Magic: How to Etch, Pierce, Enamel, and Set Striking Jewelry.
Table of Contents
•    About  the Wire
•    Materials and Tools
•    Techniques
Chapter 1: Wrapping
•    How It All Began
•    Confetti
•    Sacre’ Bleu
•    Chrysallis
•    Soft Spoken
•    Orange the New Black
•    Bold and Colorful
•    Wabi-Sabi
•    Wabi-Sabi II
•    Inner Beauty
Chapter 2: Coiling
•    Bold and Bitter
•    Blue Fish
•    Blue Fish II
•    Beach Combers Devotion
•    Beach Combers Devotion II
•    Blue Ice
•    Red Splatter
•    Pacific Blue
Chapter 3: Weaving    
•    Sea Foam Webs
•    Sea Foam Webs II
•    Mardi Gras
•    Mardi Gras II
•    Dragon Scales
•    Bliss Bee New Beginnings
•    The One That Got Away
•    Groovy Godseye
Do you love color? Is it one of the number one reasons you make any sort of art, including jewelry?
This lively book understands you! Kim St. Jean has been involved in creating super things since she was a little girl, when she made doll house crafts like little baskets from scraps of telephone wire. Moving forward, she became an Swarovski Ambassador. When she eventually revisited wireworking, it had changed notably. We all love the colors we can work with now, which only just a while back were not available to us.
Kim shows us how to use these to their best effect in her playful, charming, and even glamorous designs. Get ready to rev up your jewelry with colored wire!

Colorful Wirework Jewelry is a book for all level designers. The reader will learn wrapping, coiling, and weaving. The projects are less expensive than ones we all learned on when silver was the only game in town, but that doesn't mean that they are any less elegant at times. The author has an excellent eye for unique designs which are artistic, drenched in color which has tons of joy, and will urge you to look forward to making them.

The reader will learn how to expertly cage a focal (like a smooth rock or a bead). He or she will be spiraling in orange wire, making the prettiest earrings in town!
Don't miss the "How It All Began Ring"--it is a collection of super colorful spirals you will love making!
In the Coiling Section, soon you will be curling and coiling in hot metallic ( the hip "Bold and Bitters" earrings). Then you'll be making a matching set of earrings and a bracelet in a soothing shade of blue with brown accents which are so calming and pretty, resembling the ocean (the "Blue Fish" set). It is a delight to proceed on to making a charming charm-like bracelet called the "Beachcomber's Bracelet", which is fascinatingly full of real shells of all sizes and colors, wired with a number of sizes and techniques of colored wire.That bracelet has matching earrings as well. It couldn't be prettier.
When the reader arrives at the Weaving section, it is a wonderful treat to learn how to weave with colored wire. Not many books offer weaving with wire--get this book for this reason alone--it is great!
The large cuff on the cover is a woven bracelet, "The Mardi Gras Bracelet", offered in two colorways. It is very charming and guaranteed to get compliments galore!  Viking Knit is also offered in this section, in a bracelet in lime green with blue and purple, and in some earrings which are made to match but really can stand alone.

Kim St. Jean has a project in this section I found very funny as it is called "The One that Got Away".
It is a ribbed and coiled wire fish that you make and wear on a rubber necklace--charming!
As you near the end, do not miss her dragonscale bracelet or her "Groovy Godseye" pendant.

The cover says: "Twist, Wrap,Weave" and that is what you will be doing, all in color, when you learn from Colorful Wirework Jewelry Twist, Wrap, Weave by Kim St. Jean. She is a very special teacher who clearly has enjoyed every second of her colorful life and successfully shares it with all of us! -
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