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Inspired Bead Embroidery

Sherry Serafini
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In Inspired Bead Embroidery, Sherry offers 15+ exciting, all-new projects that combine her textured designs with eye-catching focal beads.

This gorgeous, 128-page hardcover book explains the fundamentals and aesthetics behind Sherry’s work.

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In Inspired Bead Embroidery, Sherry Serafini offers 15+ exciting, all-new projects that combine her textured designs with eye-catching focal beads. The gorgeous, 128-page hardcover book explains the fundamentals and aesthetics behind Sherry’s work, from stitches and materials to color theory, and includes a gallery of her stunning creations. This book will appeal to experienced beaders looking to take their work in new, more exploratory directions.

• Textured, dimensional projects include earrings, cuffs, collars, and two fashionable purses.
• Creations incorporate seed beads, cubes, triangles, drops, daggers, cabochons, leather, fiber, and more.
• Features concise instructions, well-chosen process shots, and diagrams.


Author: Sherry Serafini
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 128
Color photos: 240
Author Bio
Sherry Serafini is an award-winning beadwork artist and co-author of The Art of Bead Embroidery, Sensational Bead Embroidery and Beading Across America. She was voted one of the Top Ten Teachers by Bead & Button magazine in 2011.  Creativity is key to her pieces, and she encourages others to take liberty when working with her designs. You can see more of her work online at
Table of Contents

Blooming Cuff
Siren of the Sea Neckpiece
Rusted Chic Earrings
Betty’s Flower Child Earrings
Barnacle Pendant
Gumdrop Cuff
Sea Shell Cuff
Venice Neckpiece
Phoenix Neckpiece
Pagoda Earrings
Galaxy Purse
Bead Soup Bangle
Rodeo Bag
Buckle Up Baby
Garden of Beads Necklace
Revival Collar

Artist’s Gallery
About the Author


In the foreword to Inspired Bead Embroidery, frequent collaborator Heidi Kummli, referring to Sherry, writes, "She will challenge you to set aside your fears of the unknown and follow your heart, do what you want, express your creativity, and share your opinion." This is a beautiful way to think of beading, and Inspired Bead Embroidery, Creative jewelry designs, offers the reader just such a challenge. You will be greeted with gorgeous, clear photos, thoughtful ways of encouraging your creativity, and sixteen full on projects to try, including places to locate the beads for each, and templates when necessary. 

The author says in her introduction, "I have always wanted my life to be an adventure, and my jewelry design has naturally followed suit."  She later adds, "I invite you to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy this bead-embroidered journey through my mind. I would like to show you the world of unconventional jewelry with a technique that dates back to the beginning of time."


The book begins with the Basics required for bead embroidery. They are laid out in a very simple, clear manner. There are sections on tools, supplies, and techniques. The technique section explains the basic stitches the author uses in her book projects and in the Gallery pieces you will see at the end of the book. It is nice and clear.


Following this comes a section called Creativity. This section includes Inspiration, Color, and Design. Each part opens up a world of magical encouragement for the reader. In Inspiration, you will find that images, nature, and shapes are just a part of what is thought to urge you forward in your journey to create. The author mentions license plates cut into shapes which have enticed her to create a piece of beaded art. You will see a photo of part of this charming piece and understand that everything doesn't have to be serious when you bead.  

When the reader arrives at Color, he or she is wowed by the deft, exuberant way in which it is handled. Color includes an explanation of Multi-color schemes, Monochromatic color schemes, Selecting colors, and Crazy quilting with beads. 

Finally in this section comes Design. As the author says, "Look beyond the obvious when thinking about what to use in your bead embroidery, and I promise you you will never have a another dull moment in your beady life." She then goes on to give you ideas on How to start, how to use the Puzzle piece approach, and how to use the Component approach. There are a number of other ideas on how to design, and all are terrific. 


The projects, which come next, are super lovely and original. Sherry gives you plenty of easily obtainable elements and a higher count of beads than you will probably need so that you don't run out. 

The Blooming Cuff, which is first, will make you weep with delight! The high-raised dome glass cabochon in the middle was the inspiration for the cuff. It has a myriad of colors swirling together. That inspired this gorgeous project. You will see purples, turquoises, limes, golds and more embracing this cabochon. It has an organic, festive allure which you will love and want to try yourself. Great photos (as always in this book) will assist you as you make it.

As for earrings, I adored the Rusted Chic Earrings, which use rusted washers layered on filigree squares accented with crystals and dagger beads as well as seed beads. These are so hip! The author explains every step she takes when she assembles these so you can't go wrong when you make them. As they are knockouts, it is wonderful to know that it will be worth your while to create your version of them.

The Phoenix Neckpiece is a strikingly lovely design inspired by a sunset in Arizona. The flash of the red and gold oval cabochon below the round metal cabochon, along with startlingly beautiful turquoises, purples, golds, and crystal cup chain mixed with an artful touch of black will entrance you. The black is picked up and met with elan by the dagger bead at the bottom of the neckpiece. This is wonderful work and thoughtfully designed to be worn with a black leather cord to balance it out. Go for it!

I loved the easy-to-make Bead Soup Bangle, created with any leftover beads in your own stash, round cotton cording, and Batik ribbon along with some other odds and ends. This is a fast, fun project which leaves you with however many unique and bohemian bangles you wish to design. There are three photographed. It is a delightful project. 

There are two purses to try, a belt buckle you'll fall flat for, and many more collars, necklaces and earrings. 


The Gallery holds photos of beautiful pieces from fellow artists, and is followed by a second, personal Gallery of Sherry's work. 

You can feel the intense love for bead embroidery when you look at her pieces. It is another way to help you to understand what is inside of your own self. Buy this book, Inspired Bead Embroidery, Creative jewelry designs by Sherry Serafini, and get ready to walk into your own personal world of wonder when you create your own bead embroidery!

Review by Jean Baldridge Yates , author, columnist, freelance reviewer, jewelry designer, illustrator



And along comes the highly anticipated third offering from Sherry Serafini: Inspired Bead Embroidery.  Do we like it?  Drum roll please...well, duh.  Of course!

If you happen to have Sherry's other two solo books (listed below), please don't think that this is just more of the same.  Some of it is repeated...the basics are pretty much the same...but there is a greatly expanded section on creativity where Sherry spends more time than ever before explaining the different pathways into designing that you can choose.  For example, sometimes you feel like planning and sometimes you don't.  But if you always want your work to turn out fabulous, you need to take certain things into consideration, and Sherry shares all of them with you.

The projects are wonderful.  Sherry tells you right up front exactly what bead styles, color, and sizes she has used, but she also encourages you to take off in your own direction.  The focals that are used are original, fresh, and handled beautifully.  Even if you don't want to use the exact same materials shown, you are sure to gather lots of new ideas to try out.

Lots of shaped beads and chains make an appearance too, including the ever-popular rhinestone cup chain.  Personally, I have been a bit discouraged in recent years how shaped beads have almost completely taken over from regular seed beads in beadweaving projects.  The use of them in bead embroidery, however, is a trend that I am fully in favor of! 

Reviewed by Cyndi Lavin,

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