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Inventive Wire Weaving

Susan Barzacchini
Item #67907

Expand your wire weaving skills with the 20+ all-new projects!

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Wire jewelry never goes out of style! Whether you use fine silver wire or copper, you will be able to create artistic and unique necklaces, pendants, earrings, and cuffs you’ll be proud to wear with the projects in Inventive Wire Weaving. Each project includes clear and easy-to-understand photos and step-by-step instructions from experienced wire weaving instructor Susan Barzacchini.

• Styles range from delicate and feminine to bold and unusual.
• Many projects include variations for even more personalization.
• Techniques include wire weaving, wrapping, coiling, and capturing, plus texturing metals and wire.
• Beautiful jewelry showcases metal, beads, lampworked elements, cabochons, and found objects.

Author: Susan Barzacchini
Size: 8.25x10.75
Pages: 112
Color photos: 565
Author Bio
Susan Barzacchini began writing step-by-step tutorials for publication, for the internet, and for classroom use. She has been a teacher by trade for decades and has taught wire weaving at colleges, libraries, jewelry schools, at the Bead&Button Show, and in bead shops.
Table of Contents
- Primary tools of the trade
- Additional bench tools
- Materials
- All about wire

Chapter 1: Techniques
- Basic Techniques
- Weaves, Coils, and Shapes

Chapter 2: Components
- Fancy ear wires
- Fancy clasp
- Beaded necklace and bail
- Neck cuff

Chapter 3: Life Balance Jewelry
- Tree of life pendant
- Namaste bracelet
- Aromatherapy necklace
- Spoon necklace
- Make a wish necklace

Chapter 4: Things that Fly and Move
- Dragonfly wire and resin pendant
- Jewel beetle earrings
- Beetle necklace
- Cicada earrings
- Snakeskin bracelet

Chapter 5: Give it Some Texture
- Patterned wire ear hoops
- Leaf pendant
- Sonoran sunrise pendant
- Ruth’s patterned earrings

Chapter 6: Unusual Items
- Colored pencil and wire pendant
- New earrings
- Glass eye wire wrap pendant

Chapter 7: All That is Beautiful
- Soldered half-drill pearl earrings
- Wire cabochon capture pendant
- Fringe earrings

About the Author and Acknowledgments

Wonderful and Exciting Introduction to Wire Weaving by a Great Mentor, Susan Barzacchini

As the author says in her introduction, "The art form of weaving wire, of gently sashaying wire curls through your fingers, can be mastered through experience and dedication. This book was written to inspire you and to ignite your own path toward making wire-weaving discoveries. This medium is not just art; it also opens doors to healing and cathartic time spent with self and others." "It is truly a dance with fingers and mind."

In her introduction, she goes on to mention some of the things the reader will learn to do, using this book as a guide. Among these are how to weave wire, how to work with metals and natural elements, how to channel-set a gemstone, drill a larger hole in a pearl, solder a jump ring, snap-set a gemstone, and even how to imprint a delicate cicada wing into a layer of metal..." All of the pieces are her own designs. She offers the reader the challenge of deviating from the designs, and exploring variations.

The Tools and Supplies listed come after the introduction. They have clear, clean photos and explanations of their uses. Following is a section on Basic Techniques, where the reader will learn such things as how to solder a ring and how to dome a disk. Stamping words on metal and the basics of wire weaving are shown here, for the reader to refer back to when making a project in the book. There are three wire weaving basics shown: a 2-1 weave, a modified figure 8, and a double-up/single-down weave.
You can already see that the author is a great teacher by her techniques section.

As for the projects, they are breathtaking! Inventive Wire Weaving offers both color and beauty from all sides. For example, the interplay between silver and the blues and greens of the Elytra Jewel Beetle Wings used in the first set of earrings (as well as Swarovski crystals to dazzle further), and in the following necklace which matches it, is something to wonder at. The fluidity of these designs show off why wire weaving is so compelling and marvelous. When you see the variation of the necklace, done in copper, employing dagger beads instead of Beetle wings, you will probably want to try both!

One of my favorite projects is the Chakra Tree of Life Pendant. Using Garnet, Amber, Citrine, Peridot, Sodalite, Iolite and Amethyst chips, the author weaves the tree on a copper circular base. She then adds a mindblowing arabesque style frame and creates the bail. This is flat out stunning.

Another design I love is her Ocean's Treasure Earrings. These have drilled pearls at the lower end and are designed in silver. They are quite like the classic jewelry designs one would find at Georg Jensen's in the 1900s, yet they have a modernity and originality which is all their own. They are simply elegant.

If you like things which are a bit more wild, try the Taxidermy Eye Pendant. Oh so cool, with the bobcat taxidermy eye as the focal point! If you prefer, you can use a cabochon as a variation and reverse the mixed metals in this design.

One of the bracelets I found to be really appealing is the Free Spirit Cuff. Copper or silver metals are riveted to leather. The wire wrapping frames a stamped piece of metal with words of your choice. "Free Spirit" and "Just Breathe" are chosen as examples on the black and brown leather cuffs, here. They are very fun and charming. Make some for your friends!

Rings are always a terrific project. One of the rings in Inventive Wire Weaving is called the Swirl Gemstone Ring. The reader will learn how to incorporate a gemstone into a woven ring of silver, or copper and silver. The rings shown as examples are a fascinating delight.

There are many more projects which you will enjoy and want to try. These are just a few that this reviewer singled out to give you an idea of the great variety of choices. From the modern to the classic, from the unique to the amazing, the reader will want to jump in and learn to weave wire from this truly great teacher and artist, Susan Barzacchini!  - by Jean Baldridge Yates


Synopsis: Susan Barzacchini has been a jewelry teacher for decades and has taught wire weaving at colleges, libraries, jewelry schools, the Bead&Button Show, and in bead shops. She sells her work at Studio V in Chicago and lives in East Dundee, Illinois.

Wire jewelry has been around for centuries and never goes out of style. Wire weaving techniques simply evolve to incorporate the newest materials and trends.

In the pages of "Inventive Wire Weaving: 20+ Unique Jewelry Designs", designer and instructor Susan draws upon her years of experience and expertise to focus on the timeless techniques of wire weaving, wrapping, coiling, and capturing, plus texturing metals and wire.

Using these evergreen techniques, Susan showcases metal, beads, lamp-worked elements, cabochons, and found objects in interesting, beautiful wire jewelry. Whether they use fine silver wire or copper, jewelry makers will be able to create artistic and unique pieces they'll be proud to wear.

Each individual project comprising "Inventive Wire Weaving" includes clear and easy-to-understand photos and step-by-step instructions from an experienced wire weaving instructor. Styles cover a wide range of tastes, from delicate and feminine to bold and unusual, and many projects include variations for even more personalization.

Critique: Beautifully illustrated with full color photography, the artistic necklaces, pendants, earrings, and cuffs showcased in "Inventive Wire Weaving" will have a special and particular appeal to intermediate level wireworkers looking for new project ideas -- making it a very strongly recommended addition to personal, professional, and community library do-it-yourself instructional reference collections for aspiring jewelry makers. - Julie Summers Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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