Pearl Buying Guide

Renee Newman
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Learn how to identify and evaluate pearls in this updated 6th edition of the Pearl Buying Guide.
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How do you choose a good quality pearl? How can you tell a fake from real pearl? How do you create unique pearl jewelry with colored gems? This book will answer all of these questions for you, and many more!

Pearl Buying Guide will give you great details on judging pearl quality and value. Included in this full-color guide are all types of pearls, plus tips on pearl care, clasps and creative ways to wear them. If you're looking for an easy-to-read, illustrated pearl handbook that will help you when selecting pearls, this book is a great choice.

Published by International Jewelry Publications
Author: Renee Newman
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 153
Color photos: 364
Author Bio
Renee Newman is a respected gemologist and author of thirteen guides on gems and jewelry. Her books are used throughout the world as buying guides, sales-training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals.
Table of Contents

1-Curious Facts About Pearls
2-Pearl Price Factors in a Nutshell
3-Pearl Types
4-Pearl Shapes
5-Judging Luster & Nacre Thickness
6-Judging Color
7-Judging Surface Quality
8-Size, Weight, & Length
9-Judging Make
10-South Sea Pearls (White & Golden)
11-Black Pearls
12-Freshwater Pearls
13-Pearl Treatments
14-Imitation or Not?
15-Natural or Cultured?
16-Antique Pearl Jewelry
17-Choosing the Clasp
18-Versatile Ways to Wear a Strand of Pearls
19-Creating Unique Pearl Jewelry with Colored Gems
20-Caring for Your Pearls

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