Jewelry Handbook: How to Select & Wear & Care for Jewelry

Renee Newman
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Learn how to choose jewelry that flatters you, how to care for your jewelry, how to select jewelry that lasts, and more with the Jewelry Handbook.
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Jewelry Handbook is a practical guide to selecting the right jewelry for your lifestyle, budget, and body type. You’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks of the various setting styles, mountings, chains and metals. It also provides information and color photos on gemstones, birthstones, and fineness marks and helps you select versatile, durable jewelry that flatters your features. Get maximum enjoyment from your jewelry purchases with this handbook!

Published by International Jewelry Publications
Author: Renee Newman
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 177
Color photos: 297
Black & White photos: 47
Author Bio
Renee Newman is a respected gemologist and author of thirteen guides on gems and jewelry. Her books are used throughout the world as buying guides, sales-training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals.
Table of Contents
1. Why Wear Jewelry?
2. Jewelry Metals: Key Facts
3. Basic Facts about Gems
4. Manufacturing Methods
5. Selecting the Setting
6. Finishes & Decorative Techniques
7. Choosing Flattering Jewelry
8. Selecting Necklaces
9. Chains and Other Neckwear
10. Selecting Rings
11. Selecting Earrings
12. Selecting Bracelets
13. Brooches, Pins and Clips
14. Making Jewelry Versatile
15. Jewelry Tips for Men
16. Caring for Your Jewelry

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