Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide

Renee Newman
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No matter where you shop, make sure you have this traveler's guide to buying diamonds, colored gems, pearls, gold and platinum jewelry.
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With the Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide you'll find out what to look for when buying gems and what questions to ask jewelers.

This book offers tips on:

  • Quality evaluation.
  • Fake & lab-grown gems.
  • Custom-made jewelry.
  • Customs regulations.
  • Gem treatments.
  • Geographic gem sources.
  • And more!

Published by International Jewelry Publications

Author: Renee Newman
Size: 4.5 x 7
Pages: 156
Author Bio
Renee Newman is a respected gemologist and author of thirteen guides on gems and jewelry. Her books are used throughout the world as buying guides, sales-training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals.
Table of Contents

1. Colored Gem Price Factors in a Nutshell
2. Gemstone Treatments
3. Synthetic & Imitation Gems
4. Colored Gemstones
5. Diamonds
6. Gems from Living Organisms
7. Gold & Platinum Jewelry
8. Jewelry Craftsmanship
9. Notable Gem Sources
10. Euphemisms, Marketing Terms and Misnomers
11. Having Jewelry Custom Made
12. Choosing a Jeweler
13. Making the Purchase
14. Choosing an Appraiser
15. Gem Lab Documents
16. Customs
17. Finding a Good Buy

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Identification Tables and Birthstones
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