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Polymer Clay: Expand Your Polymer Skills with a Savvy Stretch Bracelet

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Expand Your Polymer Skills with a Savvy Stretch Bracelet
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Learn to use organza and concealed tubing to elevate a tried-and-true clasp-free bracelet. By Helen Breil The instructions for this project call for SoftGlass tubing with a 1.5 mm Inside Diameter (ID). The manufacturer of SoftGlass has updated their product; the tube opening is now smaller, making stringing the elastic extremely difficult given the original instructions. A simple workaround: • Cut a piece of thin beading wire (.014, .015) that is over double the length of your leaf length. • Thread the wire through the tubing, then double back and thread it back through the tubing, leaving a small loop of wire at one end of the tubing and two wire ends extending from the other end of the tubing. • Thread the elastic through the loop in the wire, and pull on the extended wire ends. The wire loop will tighten around the elastic and pull it through the tube. Helen Breil demonstrates this procedure on her website
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