Weave a chain-mail collar on a grand scale

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Combine three linear scale-mail chains with a touch of 3-in-1 Persian to create a surprisingly lightweight neckpiece with form and presence.

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Metal scales are becoming popular in chain mail jewelry. These scales are most commonly woven together in a staggered pattern to form fluid sheets with surfaces that resemble fish scales, but scales can also be joined in a linear fashion, producing a texture reminiscent of feathers. These formations can be used separately, joined together, or combined with other chain mail techniques to make bold jewelry. In historical chain mail, the links and scales would have been made of steel, and would form protective yet flexible battle armor. Today, however, scales are made of aluminum and titanium, and are transformed into statement jewelry pieces, such as cuffs and collars. These lighter-weight metals mean that the jewelry maker can create elaborate pieces that are suprisingly light and supple, but that still maintain a commanding presence. by Karen Karon

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