Pour Resin into Bone

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Conjure a miniature universe within the internal structure of bone, then capture it in a brooch.

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My first bone pieces were created at Kansas State University, where I had the privilege of studying with master metalsmith Elliott Pujol. As I was working on this project, I was reminded of how everyone had known I was in the studio before coming through the door – the smell of bone being altered can be objectionable, and in those days, the ventilation was less than adequate. But I was also reminded of how encouraging and tolerant Elliott was throughout my studies. The beauty of the finished bone creation far outweighs the temporary stench.

By using a sterilized cow bone (a dog chew bone) with the interior structure still intact, you can explore ways to create visual depth and interest. Try carving into the face of the bone, or adding elements to the resin. Experimenting is great fun, but I'd recommend working on several pieces at once, as curing takes a while.

By Karen J. Lauseng

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