Build an Asymmetrical Neckpiece from Sketch to Finish

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Let your design evolve as you construct a neckpiece from the initial rendering to the final piece.
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Many jewelry makers prefer to lay out their entire design before they begin, but I’ve learned I must let my design evolve as I work. Sometimes you can’t figure it all out with a sketch — you just have to start working and see what happens. If there’s a part of the design you know you must have (clasp, pendant, chain, etc.), focus on that, and allow everything else to evolve around it. This may sound a bit Jedi-ish, but true it is, young Padawan. The focus of my necklace is the copper elements. I wanted something that would lie on the body a little off center but that would be balanced by the rest of the design. That’s the key to asymmetrical designs: balance (visual and physical). I’ll lead you through how to make a necklace, but definitely improvise your own focal shapes, proportions, and embellishments!

By Casey Sheppard

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