Make a Master, Make a Mold, Make a Model

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Assemble an array of found objects to create a prototype for lost-wax casting.
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Kit bashing is a form of collage, assemblage, and free building. Its origins are in the scale model community, where makers combine parts from different kits to create entirely new forms. Like many kids, I combined my Lego sets to yield larger, more detailed Lego cities. My earliest memories involve experimenting with the possibilities of dollhouse miniatures, doll accessories, Legos, and collages through sleepless nights watching The Dick Van Dyke Show reruns. A photo of me at age six shows me standing next to a Lego building sporting a big ring on my finger and a big grin across my face. I’ve carried that kit-bashing instinct into my life as a jewelry maker. Working with objects sourced from around the world, including toys, game pieces, imported miniatures, and organic materials, I create sculptural rings that convey a narrative or story.

By Rebecca Rose

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