Fringe Elements Necklace

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Discover how to use up all your leftover pieces of chain, leather, and stamping blanks with this swingy stash-busting necklace. Designed by Rita Pannulla

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From the August 2018 issue

Materials needed for a 22 in. (56 cm) necklace plus 5-in. (13 cm) fringe

-assorted copper and brass strips

-jump rings

-ball chain

-letter stamps

-Antique Stamp Enamel

-Ball Pein Texture Stamper Head

-metal stamping hammer

-steel bench block

-Sticker Guide and/or Stamp Straight Tape (optional)

-Texture Stamper

-leather or suede lacing

-chainnose pliers

-soft cloth

-cyanoacrylate adhesive, such as Super Glue

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