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Bright idea - Naomi Fujimoto
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A dichroic glass pendant sets off a vibrant arrangement of stones and glass beads

Naomi Fujimoto

Since my necklace lacks a fixed supply list or stringing pattern, it seemed like a daunting task to explain how to make one. However, I did figure out some loose guidelines for creating a necklace of random beads: First, don't feel limited by the supply list when selecting beads. The list is intended only for illustrative purposes. Second, select different colors, materials, and shapes, but use beads of approximately the same diameter. Third, select a pendant after you've made part of the necklace (you'll have a better idea of what colors to highlight). Although it's conventional to start with the pendant as the focal point, selecting the pendant first might limit the range of colors in the strands. Finally, check the length of your necklace numerous times to ensure a perfect fit. Enjoy the process of rummaging around for beads and let me know how your necklace turns out.
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