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See and hear everything you’ll need to know to get started soldering – soldering tools, materials, safety, and setup.
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On this 92-minute DVD, see and hear Joe Silvera explain everything you’ll need to know to get started soldering – soldering tools, materials, safety, and setup. Then watch as Joe demonstrates his techniques by creating a soldered pendant and necklace. A longtime teacher, Joe has a friendly presentation style that will get you started soldering with confidence. A bonus PDF included on the DVD recaps tools, materials, and step-by-step instructions for making the project.

Soldering techniques taught include:
• Soldering jump rings
• Melting sterling silver into a ball
• Forging wire
• Sweat-soldering
• Pick-soldering
• Soldering near beads
• Using a third hand

You may enjoy this DVD as a companion to Joe Silvera's 112-page book, Soldering Made Simple. The key tool that makes Joe’s methods safe and easy to do at home is an inexpensive, handheld butane torch.


This is the companion DVD to Joe Silvera’s book Soldering Made Simple, but could stand alone as an instructional video on the basics of soldering sterling silver.
Silvera explains to the viewer the tools needed for basic soldering, discusses safety issues and the workspace, and introduces us to two small butane torches and how to operate them. 

To demonstrate soldering techniques and principles, Silvera shows how to construct a handmade pendant and necklace with several potential problems and how to work around them. For example, heating up a link near a lobster clasp can ruin the spring inside, and he shows how to avoid that using a third arm. You’ll learn when to solder on a charcoal brick or soldering block, how heat moves through different thicknesses of metal, how to judge by the color of the flux and metal if the piece is ready for solder or has been worked too long, how to avoid fire scale, potential problems with patinas, and more.

It was so helpful seeing how he heated various pieces and watching the flux clear and the solder flow. After watching this video I felt confident picking out tools I’ll need, and I so look forward to creating my own pieces. This video will get you started soldering right away. I suggest you also get the companion book that covers different metals and more complex projects using additional tools for metal forming. First rate all the way.
-Joanne's Book Reviews

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