Get Started: Bead Stringing DVD

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Making fast, fashionable, and fun jewelry is easy — with hands-on help to show you how! You'll get to know all the basic tools, supplies, and techniques, and learn the secrets to designing beautifully draped jewelry with beads and chains.

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Make stylish jewelry you'll be proud to wear! With how-to help from hands-on instructors, you'll take your skills beyond basic stringing by learning to connect beads and findings with wire loops, head pins, split rings and jump rings. Finish a necklace and keep it secure with simple crimping techniques.

The [17-part, 1-hour] course includes:

  1. Introduction to bead stringing
  2. Making a plain loop
  3. Making a wrapped loop
  4. Making wraps above a top-drilled bead
  5. Making a paddle head pin
  6. Opening and closing a jump ring
  7. Opening a split ring
  8. Making a flattened crimp
  9. Making a folded crimp
  10. Using crimp covers
  11. Working with bullion or French wire
  12. Cutting or bending memory wire
  13. Attaching folded crimp ends to ribbon or leather
  14. All about Venetian beads
  15. Balance and symmetry
  16. Symmetrical necklace
  17. Asymmetrical necklace

At the end of this course, you'll have the skills and the confidence to make fashionable jewelry to wear or share!

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