Get Started: Making Wire Jewelry DVD

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From delicate woven chain to more substantial forms, wire is an amazingly versatile material for making jewelry. Get an introduction to wire, learn to use a jig, discover how to capture a cabochon in wire, and more!
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This overview to wire jewelry begins with an introduction to the gauges of wire you’ll use in your jewelry, the wireworking tools you’ll need, and the types of metal you’ll be working with. You’ll learn how to make spirals, how to use a jig, and how to capture a cabochon in a woven-wire setting. Then you’ll put your wire skills to work making a steel wire pendant and necklace.

This [8-part, 51:00-minute] course includes:
1. Introduction to wire
2. Wire tools
3. Wire gauges & shapes
4. Making wire spirals
5. Designing with a jig
6. Make ear wires, clasps & hooks
7. Cabochon with wire-bezel setting
8. Steel wire & stones necklace

Whether you prefer intricate wire shapes or heavier chain forms, you’ll soon have the skills you need to create the wire jewelry you’ve imagined. It’s all up to you!
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