Get Started: Making Chain Mail Jewelry DVD

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Chain mail has come a long way from protecting warriors in battle! Starting with the humble jump ring, chain mail artists now create elaborate and intricate weaves – and beautiful jewelry – using interlocking patterns.
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Get a guide to the basics of one of the most calming and meditative art forms out there: weaving chain mail. You’ll learn the basics of working with jump rings, including everything you need to know about gauge, measurements, and the all-important aspect ratio. You’ll even learn to make your own jump rings, a simple process that guarantees you’ll always have the size you need!

This [4-part, 1:11-minute] course includes:
1. Chain mail basics
    a. Jump ring sizing
    b. Wire gauge
    c. Aspect ratio
    d. Open/close jump rings
2. Using a jump ring maker
3. Five chain mail weaves
    a. European 4-in-1
    b. Box chain
    c. Byzantine chain
    d. Roundmail
    e. Inverted roundmail
4. Turkish delight bracelet

Finish the course with a bracelet project that showcases your new chain weaving skills.
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